Manufacturing CAMP

We provide services with the highest cost competitiveness with equipment capable of producing all the machined parts required for production, such as industrial electric & electronic products and precision parts for semiconductor equipment.

Laser cutting

We produce a variety of high precision machined parts using a versatile high-speed laser beam.

NCT punching

We mount various molds simultaneously and use a CAD system to provide small quantity batch production and a large quantity of machined parts.


We produce precision machined parts for various products by bending various metal sheet materials to their shape.

Shin Yeong Precision

Shin Yeong Precision Co., Ltd. is an OEM and ODM professional company that manufactures precision parts for industrial electric, electronic products and semiconductor equipment.
We are growing as a global knowledge-based company aiming at the 21st century with creative and innovative technology development.
Shin Yeong Precision Co., Ltd. will realize higher quality service through quality and environmental management, technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

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